Forest EST and Genome database

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ForestGEN (FORest EST and GENome database) provides EST (Expressed Sequenced Tag) and genome information on creatures living in forests, including trees, microbes such as fungi and nematodes, insects and mushrooms.
This database contributes to advances in forest sciences in areas such as Genomics, Population genetics, Plant pathology, Tree breeding and Ecology.
These advances will help to develop forest management practices and strategies to maximize forest utility.
Moreover, this database will contribute to the discovery of new, useful genes from the unknown treasure house of gene resources that is the forest ecosystem.
Partner and Funding
ForestGEN is the result of a collaboration between two Departments of the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (FFPRI); Dept. of Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology and Dept. of Mushroom Science and Forest Microbiology.
Regarding funding, please see the information for each species.
By accessing ForestGEN, you agree to the following:

- ForestGEN is a non-profit service to the scientific community.

- All users must include the reference below in publications describing the use of ForestGEN.

-The data within ForestGEN are for research purposes only, not for clinical or commercial use.

-The data within ForestGEN are provided in good faith, but no guarantee, express or implied,
can be made as to their accuracy.
We do not assume any legal liability or responsibility for any purpose for which the data are used.
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