Cluster Search Help

Seach target Description Example
Cluster Search
Cluster ID Input Cluster ID.(partial-word search) BMC00268
Clone ID Input clone ID.(partial-word search) Bm_U1_27F07
Consensus Length Input length of consensus sequences.(min max) min:100 max:200
mRNA Source Input mRNA Source of reads.(partial-word search) U1
Blast result Seach
Description Input description of hit protein in BLAST reslt.(partial-word search) predicted protein
Accession Input accession of hit protein in BLAST reslt.(partial-word search) YP_001734508
E-value Input max E-value. 1E-3 or 0.000000001
Identities Input min identites(%). 90
Alignment rate Input min alignment rate(%). 90
Kegg pathway Search
Species Input species name of hit pathway.(partial-word search) mmu
Map id Input KEGG map id.(partial-word search) 470
Name Input KEGG pathway name.(partial-word search) Metabolic
GO Search
GO id Input GO id of hit protein.(partial-word search) [GO: GO:0005524] ---< 5524
Term Input GO term of hit protein.(partial-word search) NA binding